Approval of, reporting on and verification of plan for reducing presence of odoriferous substances 1 An operator shall submit a plan for reducing the presence of odoriferous substances to the Environmental Board for approval within ten days after the term established for the preparation of the plan by the Environmental Inspectorate. Püsiväärtusega vabarahaga — digiraha , mis tekib ostja-müüja vahelise tehingu käigus ilma panga vahenduseta.

Quinn, Jack; Christensen, John L. Technical Monitor The Electron Drift Instrument EDI is a new technique for measuring electric fields in space by detecting the effect on weak beams of test electrons.

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This U. Hardware for Cluster was developed in the U. The Cluster satellites carrying the original EDI instruments were lost in the catastrophic launch failure of first flight of the Arianne-V rocket in A satellite failure caused a loss of the Equator-S mission after only Auxiliary Trading System months, but these operations were extremely valuable in learning about the characteristics and operations of the complex EDI instrument. The Cluster mission, satellites, and instruments underwent an extensive on-orbit commissioning Auxiliary Trading System in the Fall ofcarrying over through January During this period all Auxiliary Trading System of the instruments were checked and careful measurements of inter-experiments interferences were made.

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EDI is currently working exceptionally well in orbit. Initial results verify that all aspects of the instrument are working as planned, and returning highly valuable scientific information. The first two papers describing EDI on-orbit results have been submitted for publication in April, The principles of the EDI technique, and its implementation on Cluster are described in two papers by Paschmann et al.

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