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We experienced that schools and education organizations may require additional documents to certify the competences learned or the presence in the training course.

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Upon detailed request we can provide those documents as well as we provide photos of the training course and a sum-up video that can be used for visibility and dissemination purposes. IFOM offers a range of innovative and practice-driven training courses tailored for education staff, especially teachers.

IFOM designs and organises training courses and structured training events as well as job-shadowing and study visits for teachers, Share Option School, headmaster and other education staff in order to support them to improve their competences and the quality of education provided by acquiring transversal skills and specific Share Option School on innovative teaching methods and practices.

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At ADRI GOLD-kaubandussusteem same time IFOM organises national and transnational work-based experiences for students, graduates, apprentices and unemployed people.

IFOM works closely with schools, teachers and students at Share Option School and national level. Some of the IFOM trainers are working as well as teachers in local schools and are organising specific project-based and non formal activities for the student as such they can bring to the course concrete and real-life classroom experiences based on their practice.

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IFOM is member and participates in eTwinning particularly in the European Corner and notably using the teachers' corner to find teaching resources about European Union and European best practices. IFOM uses eTwinning as well to network with fellow teachers and schools, both at Italian and European level and to find interesting events, projects and partners.

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Past participants appreciated our interactive and hands-on approach focused on practice and experiential training and our support in project application, practical arrangements, certification and dissemination. For groups with at least 8 participants, we can organize an ad-hoc session in a different language.

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Please write an email to staff ifom.