The complete list of products that we currently offer can be found on our website as well as in the product catalogues of our partners. In he was elected to the Estonian Academy of Science.

Louis Zezeran Conference Chair Louis grew up in a small coastal town in Australia and attended the University of Newcastle, gaining a first class Honors Degree in Computer Science and worked in the industry as a consultant and trainer for 10 years, specializing in enterprise integration services.

Having left the world of IT consultancy behind, Louis now uses his public speaking Binaarsed kauplemisvoimalused communication skills to lead tech focused conferences, combining both his broad technical and entertainment skills to provide a larger than life presence on stage when he hosts.

Before becoming the Rector of Tartu University he was Professor of optics and spectroscopy at Tartu University heading the Institute of experimental physics. In he was elected to the Estonian Academy of Science. In this position she was responsible for all EU-related issues in the following policy areas: trade and industrial policy, energy, transport, telecommunications, information society, internal market affairs.

She has two University degrees. At the same faculty he finished his Ph. As an assistant professor at the Department of Special Geodesy at FCE, CTU in Prague, he took part in many research and development programmes and projects as a coordinator as well as a member of Solar System Trading Cardi projekt research team. All these projects were mainly focused on the deformation measurement methods in the field of civil engineering.

How to design solar plant in 3D ? Google SketchUp \u0026 Google Earth.

Whereas smart city solutions, e-goverenance, cyber defence, blockchain, AI, IoT, mechanical engineering, autonomous driving and other cross-sectoral developments are the hottest subjects of interest. In he worked at the European Bioinformatics Institute, UK as one of the pioneers in early gene expression microarray data analytics.

His group applies data analysis, machine learning and algorithmic techniques to a broad range of biological and health data and applications. The Chair of Data Science is responsible more broadly for machine learning, big data and various applications.

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Having power engineering degree from Tallinn Technical University he has worked in Europe and in Asia electronic design and manufacturing industry over 15 years. Past 6 years Jaanus have managed Enics Estonia — one of the leading industrial production companies in Estonia.

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Having over people it is the largest factory in South-Estonia. With in past years Enics Estonia has successfully turned from being manufacturing site to be clean and lean full life cycle services factory, where thanks to automation and clear focus revenue and efficiency is constantly increasing.

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Enics is one of the largest electronics manufacturing services EMS providers in the world in the field of energy, industrial automation, transportation, building automation and instrumentation.

Peeter Põder Mill Manager at Toftan 2 Peeter has been in the forest products industry almost 9 years, working 6 years as technical and maintenance manager in one Solar System Trading Cardi projekt Estonian leading high-quality finger jointed and laminated redwood producing company Barrus AS and from Peeter is working in Estonian second and Balticum third biggest sawmill Toftan Solar System Trading Cardi projekt small log line Toftan 2 as Mill manager.

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He helps clients adopt an architectural approach for developing ICT and OT infrastructure, enabling them to build an enterprise that is prepared for the next wave of connectivity — the Internet of Things. From simple scenario to complex solution How Solution Accelerators can help?

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He has a long background in Supply and Production with over 20 years within Ericsson and 9 years for Electrolux. Mobile environmental monitoring sensors, indoor positioning, augmented reality and virtualization of production are only Trading Valik ZebPay. few of the IoT and Smart Manufacturing projects Ericsson is engaged in at the Tallinn Site.

He has work experience in finance, as well as engineering.

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Michael Ford Sr. Starting his career with Sony, including eight years working in Japan, Michael has been instrumental in creating and evolving leading software solutions for assembly manufacturing, that meet the most demanding expectations, leading industry forward.

Today, Michael is an established thought leader for Industry 4. Michael also regularly contributes articles, columns and blogs in several leading industry publications.

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