The Group employs more than employees and approximately , clients are using LHV's banking services. LHV launches passive pension funds 8.

October In November, the certificates of all ID-cards, issued since Octobermust be renewed. To continue the convenient use of banking services, we advise you to already get an alternative personal authentication measure besides the ID-card in October.

Kahjuks, väga sageli vähemaltükspakutavatest tingimustest ei ole nii soodne nagu me tahaksime,janii klient ebasoodsa kompromissile läheb. Miks see nii on, etigakord me ei ole rahul ja tunneme end natuke pettunud? See juhtub, sest meile pakutav teenuste valik on väike.

Stock sharks compete with investor Toomas September Registration has started for the most popular stock game of Estonia, Börsihai Stock Sharkwhich has undergone a cardinal change. This time, the Börsihai game will last for half a year, during which you can compete with the investor Toomas, and participation is paid.

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The stock game is organised by LHV together with Äripäev. LHV's clients may continue to use their ID cards in the same way 5. Since the likelihood of an actual attack taking place is low, all clients are free to continue using their ID cards.

Powertrader update brought real-time market information to mobile phone screens The most recent update has made the program accessible via web browsers in tablets and mobile phones. A chatbot to answer questions from LHV's clients on Facebook Uku is an innovative virtual assistant, based on machine learning, who is capable of answering simple and frequently Virtual Options Trading Game questions.

LHV's business hours during Midsummer celebrations Please take this into account when planning your banking operations. LHV enables to open an account by using video identification 5. June Video identification enables people to become a client at the bank more easily and conveniently. When previously, a client had Virtual Options Trading Game visit a bank office and take along their identity document to open an account, then with the help of a new information technology solution, private persons can identify themselves at a distance regardless of their Valikud Trading Magazine. April On May 1 there will be changes to the business hours of LHV, which we ask you to take into consideration.

Interbank European payments incl. Salary payment in LHV Internet bank enables automatic declaration of taxes April During the Easter Holiday, the opening hours of LHV and processing of payments will be slightly different than Virtual Options Trading Game. Please consider the following changes. LHV sought additional support for granting loans to enterprises 4. LHV Finance introduced a car loan and home repair loan to the market LHV declared the bank with the best service in Estonia 1.

February For the second year in a row, LHV Pank has ranked first in field research on the level of customer service in the banking sector, as conducted by the market survey company Dive. LHV will Virtual Options Trading Game publishing financial plans and monthly results 1.

On the same day Additionally this year LHV Group will start publishing monthly result overviews. Virtual Options Trading Game of January will be disclosed through the market system on 14 February. LHV's operation hours during the holidays Please bear in mind these changes in order to avoid any possible inconveniences.

LHV's offices and customer support will be closed on December. On 23 December, our offices and customer support will close three hours earlier than usual. On 31 December the opening hpurs of customer support will be reduced as well.

LHV launches passive pension funds 8.

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New Tartu office open for business 4. November As of today we offer our services in Tartu at Ülikooli street 2a. LHV's new office is located in a brand new office building and is more accessible, more spacious and more comfortable than before.

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Our website got a new look and content 9. September LHV website has been updated so it is easier to use, responsive to different devices and accords to our new visual identity.

New architecture makes services and content simpler to find. The objective of the update is to improve clients' online user experience. LHV to set up passively managed pension funds with a 0. August This autumn, LHV Varahaldus is set to introduce two new passively-investing pension funds to the pension market.

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The funds will have no entry or exit fees. The funds' assets will be constantly and broadly invested in index-following liquid investment funds. LHV Pank begins issuing contactless payment cards August LHV overhauled its range of bank cards: as an innovation, all bank cards issued from 22 August now feature the contactless payment option.

Kuidas teatada aktsiate valikuvoimalusi

Bigger purchases can be made using the contactless card as per usual. August LHV Pank reached an important milestone when the one hundred thousandth customer opened their account Virtual Options Trading Game the bank.

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This year has seen approximately new customers switch over to the bank every month, and according to Erki Kilu, Chairman of the Management Board of LHV Pank, it is a delight that so many people and businesses have entrusted their finances to LHV.

Last year, more than 15, customers opened accounts at LHV. Mobile-ID is an equal means of Virtual Options Trading Game to the ID-card for using the e-services. In addition to using the e-services, you can also provide a digital signature with the Mobile-ID. Mobile-ID is secure and also convenient, since the users do not need the ID-card or ID-card reader or to install special software on their computer - all you need is a mobile phone. Mobile-ID can be used with smartphones as well as older mobile phones with a keypad.

To start using the service, you should visit your mobile operator's store, obtain a new SIM-card if it needs to be upgraded and conclude a Mobile-ID agreement.

You can join the service in the stores of Telia, Elisa as well as Virtual Options Trading Game. When visiting the store, take along your ID-card or passport. The user's mobile number and other ordered services will not change. Mobile-ID agreement can be formalised from the age of 15 and only one Mobile-ID is obtained for one person. If the user's phone number belongs to their employer, authorisation of the employer signed digitally or on paper must be taken to the store to obtain the Mobile-ID.

The Mobile-ID Virtual Options Trading Game to be activated before using. Virtual Options Trading Game can be done by Virtual Options Trading Game either on the homepage of the Police and Border Guard Board using the ID-card or, Bollinger Bands 2 5 can be requested from the service provider at the mobile operator's store.

The monthly fee of the Mobile-ID service is one euro and the fee is paid via the mobile operator. Read more Smart-ID is a new, fast and safe way to authenticate yourself online. In LHV's internet bank you can use the Smart-ID to conclude transactions, sign agreements or activate a new card, for example. Smart-ID can be tied with different smart devices and it is completely free - the new solution does not require an agreement or monthly fee.

The great advantage of Smart-ID is the independence of the phone operator and thus, it can be conveniently used while abroad, since there is no need to take along a specific device just for the Mobile-ID. Smart-ID corresponds to the highest security standards and this is why this solution is trusted by the banks as well as by other e-service providers.

  • October In November, the certificates of all ID-cards, issued since Octobermust be renewed.
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Besides, you do not have to worry about losing your smartphone, since the user data is not in the app of the smartphone. Read more Renewal of ID-card certificates begins at the beginning of November and concerns all ID-cards with a high security risk, that is ID-cards issued since October ID-card certificates can be renewed via computer for two months, until the end of December.

To renew the certificates, download the new version of ID-card software and follow Virtual Options Trading Game instructions on the screen. In addition, the certificates can be renewed at the service offices of the Police and Border Guard Board. From January until the end of March, the certificates can be renewed at the service offices of the Police and Border Guard Board.

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From April, the certificates of all cards with weak security, which have not been renewed by that time, will be cancelled.

Furthermore, the need for renewal also concerns the electronic part of the residence permit and digital ID. Those who do not have a Mobile-ID or Smart-ID, but who use the ID-card on a regular basis for entering the e-services, should definitely renew the certificates as soon as possible.

Specifically, the Information System Authority intends to restrict the possibilities of using ID-cards, including in e-channels of the banks, at the beginning of November. This means that the ID-card cannot be used before its certificates have been renewed. Considering the number of cards that need updating and the technical limitations, the burden of renewing may be huge in the first days.

Read more On 30 August, an international scientific researcher team informed the Estonian Information System Authority RIA that they discovered a security risk affecting ID cards issued in Estonia since October including cards issued to e-residentsi.

ID cards issued before 16 October, used an alternative chip and are not affected by this risk.

Valikud Kaubandus tana

This security risk does not affect the Mobile-ID. As a personal identification document the ID-card will also remain valid until the expiry date specified on it without renewing the certificates. Besides, renewal of certificates does not concern those, whose ID-card was issued before October Pangateenuste mugava kasutamise jätkamiseks soovitame juba oktoobris hankida ID-kaardi kõrvale ka alternatiivne isikutuvastuse võimalus. Mobiil-ID on ID-kaardiga samaväärne isikutuvastuse võimalus e-teenuste kasutamiseks.

Lisaks e-teenuste kasutamisele saab MobiilID-ga anda ka digiallkirja. Mobiil-ID on turvaline ja ka mugav, sest kasutajal pole vaja ID-kaarti ega ID-kaardi lugejat või paigaldada arvutisse spetsiaalset tarkvara, piisab üksnes Virtual Options Trading Game. Mobiil-ID Virtual Options Trading Game sobivad nii nutitelefonid kui ka vanemad nuppudega telefonimudelid.

Teenuse kasutamiseks tuleb pöörduda oma mobiilioperaatori esindusse, kust saab uue SIM-kaardi juhul kui seda on vaja uuendada ning sõlmida Mobiil-ID leping.

Liituda saab nii Telia, Elisa kui Tele2 esindustes. Esindusse minnes tuleb kaasa võtta ID-kaart või pass. Kasutaja mobiilitelefoninumber ning muud tellitud teenused ei muutu. Mobiil-ID lepingu saab vormistada alates Kui kasutaja telefoninumber kuulub tema tööandjale, tuleb Mobiil-ID saamiseks esindusse minnes kaasa võtta tööandjalt digiallkirjastatud või paberil volitus.