Hebrew standards were based on the relationship between the mina, the talent the basic unit , and the shekel. Over the long duration of Egyptian history, the weight of the kite varied from period to period, ranging all the way from 4. However, this is also a weakness because other currencies are way more professional. Paber Paber , matt või vilditud, tavaliselt tsellulooskiududest valmistatud leht, mis on moodustatud veesuspensioonist traadisõelale. The next digit was divided into 15 parts, and so on, to the 28th digit, which was divided into 2 equal parts.

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Взгляд создателя грандиозного парка и, как говорили некоторые, самого Диаспара был устремлен чуть вниз - словно он изучал планы, разложенные на коленях. На лице было странно ускользающее выражение, ставившее втупик столь многие поколения. Одни находили его не более чем досужим капризом скульптора, другим же казалось, что Ярлан Зей улыбается какой-то тайной шутке. Загадочным было и все здание, поскольку в исторических хрониках города о нем ничего не говорилось.

The royal cubit mm or Four digits equaled a palm, five a hand. Twelve digits, or three palms, equaled a small span. Fourteen digits, or one-half a cubit, equaled a large span.

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Twenty-four digits, or six palms, were a small cubit. The digit was in turn subdivided.

Kuigi kaalu ja mõõtmete mõiste hõlmab tänapäeval selliseid tegureid nagu temperatuur, heledus, rõhk ja elektrivool, koosnes see kunagi ainult neljast põhimõõtmisest: mass kaalvahemaa või pikkus, pindala ja maht vedeliku või tera suurus. Viimased kolm on muidugi tihedalt seotud.

The 14th digit on a cubit stick was marked off into 16 equal parts. The next digit was divided into 15 parts, and so on, to the 28th digit, which was divided into 2 equal parts. Thus, measurement could be made to digit fractions with any denominator from 2 through The accuracy of the cubit stick is attested by the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza; although thousands were employed in building it, its sides vary no more than 0.

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The Egyptians developed methods and instruments for measuring land at a very early date. The annual flood of the Nile River created a need for benchmarks and surveying techniques so that property boundaries could be readily reestablished when the water receded.

The Egyptian weight system appears to have been founded on a unit called the kite, with a decimal ratio, 10 kites equaling 1 deben and 10 debens equaling 1 sep. Over the long duration of Egyptian history, the weight of the kite varied from period to period, ranging all the way from 4.


Approximately 3, different weights have been recovered from ancient Egypt, some in basic geometric shapes, others in human and animal forms. Egyptian liquid measures, from large to small, were ro, hin, hekat, khar, and cubic cubit. The Babylonians Among the earliest of all known weights is the Babylonian mina, which in one surviving form weighed about grams about 23 ounces and in another about grams about 34 ounces.

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Archaeologists have also found weights of 5 minas, in the shape of a duck, and a mina weight in the form of a swan. The shekel, familiar from the Bible as a standard Hebrew coin and weight, was originally Babylonian.

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Most of the Babylonian weights and measures, carried in Wiki aktsiaoptsioonid throughout the Middle East, were gradually adopted by other countries. The basic Babylonian unit of length was the kus about mm or The Babylonian liquid measure, qa also spelled kawas the volume of a cube of one handbreadth about 99 to millilitres or about 6. The cube, however, had to contain a weight of one great mina of water.

The qa was a subdivision of two other units; qa equaled 60 gin or 1 gur. The gur represented a volume of almost litres 80 U. Hebrew standards were based on Gin Trading Systems relationship between the mina, the talent the basic unitand the shekel.

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The sacred mina was equal to 60 shekels and the sacred talent to 3, shekels, or 50 sacred minas. The Talmudic mina equaled 25 shekels; the Talmudic talent equaled 1, shekels, or 60 Talmudic minas. The volumes of the several Hebrew standards of liquid measure are not definitely known; the bat may have contained about 37 litres nearly 10 U. The Hebrew system was notable for the close relationship between Gin Trading Systems and liquid volumetric measures; the liquid kor was the same size as the dry homer, and the liquid bat corresponded to the dry ʾefa.

Greeks and Romans In the 1st millennium bce commercial domination of the Mediterranean passed into the hands of the Greeks and then the Romans. A basic Greek unit of length was the finger The coincidence with the Egyptian 24 digits equaling 1 small cubit suggests what is altogether probable on the basis of the commercial history of the era, that the Greeks derived their measures partly from the Egyptians and partly from the Babylonians, probably via the Phoenicians, who for a long time dominated vast expanses of the Mediterranean trade.

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The Greeks apparently used linear standards to establish their primary liquid measure, the metrētēs, equivalent to A basic Greek unit of weight was the talent equal to Roman linear measures were based on the Roman standard foot pes. This unit was divided into 16 digits or into 12 inches. In both cases its length was the same. Metrologists have come to differing conclusions concerning its exact length, but the currently accepted modern equivalents are mm or Larger linear units were Gin Trading Systems expressed in feet.

Five Roman feet made the pace passusequivalent to 1.

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The most frequently used itinerary measures were the furlong or stade stadiumthe mile mille passusand the league leuga. The stade consisted of Roman feet metres or The mile was 5, Roman feet 1, metres or 4, feet or 8 stades.

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The league had 7, Roman feet 2, metres or 7, feet or 1, paces. Prior to the 3rd century bce the standard for all Roman weights was the as, or Old Etruscan or Oscan pound, of 4, grains It was divided into 12 ounces of grains In bce a new standard was created when a silver denarius was struck to a weight of

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