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Euroopa Liit Siseareng European leaders to sign landmark EU treaty in Lisbon, hoping it won't then fall foul of the kind of national referendums that sank the constitution it replaces. Like the rejected constitution, the treaty includes plans for a European foreign policy supremo and a more permanent president to replace the cumbersome six-month rotating presidency system. The treaty also cuts the size of the EP and the number of EU decisions which require unanimous support from member states, hence reducing national vetoes.

However it drops all references to the EU flag or anthem. Attached to the new treaty is an EU charter of fundamental rights which enshrines the rights of dignity, freedoms, equality, solidarity, citizens' rights and justice, although Britain and Poland are opting out of making that binding. After Light Trading System Crusaters Lisbon signing each of the 27 member states will have a year to ratify the treaty, if it is to come into force as planned in January Afp, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, hailed as historic a move seen by many as a Light Trading System Crusaters lifting of the old Iron Curtain.

The move is expected to boost business and tourism, though some worry about a rise in crime or illegal immigration. Reuters, The head of the Frontex border agency, Ilka Laitinen, told that he was concerned by the loss of control at the EU's internal frontiers, not by the expansion of Parim raamatukauplus external limits to the Kuidas kaubelda binaarseid voimalusi IQ valikute abil of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Balkans.

Laitinen said EU non-member Switzerland could join the zone in November He also said that Bulgaria and Romania, which became EU members earlier this year, would need to undergo regular security checks before joining the zone.

Portugal officially ends its six-month term as EU president on December 31 and will be succeeded by Slovenia.

Nädal välismeedias 10.-16. detsember 2007

The installation of Verhofstadt's five-party cabinet, set to keep on Didier Reynders as finance minister, will ease but not end a political crisis that began with a parliamentary election. Verhofstadt will stay on until March 23 and seek to draft a budget fortake urgent measures Light Trading System Crusaters combat rising fuel and food prices and prepare reforms to devolve Light Trading System Crusaters powers to the regions.

Light Trading System Crusaters coalition deal buys Belgium three months' time, but will not resolve the dispute between Dutch-speaking Flemish parties that demand more control of their economy and French-speakers who resist change. Under the agreement, airlines flying not only within the EU but also to or from the 27 nation bloc will be included in Europe's emissions trading system, like other energy-hungry industries have been since EU governments will now have to find a compromise with the EP, which had sought an earlier start date of and also has to approve the plans in a second reading.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy in July proposed setting up a group of "wise men" to debate where the EU's boundaries should lie and whether Turkey should be included.

He said France would not block Turkey's EU membership talks if the group was formed. Under its mandate, the committee would be tasked with anticipating and considering the long-term Light Trading System Crusaters and challenges for Europe to Among those tasks is "the reinforcement and modernisation of a European model which reconciles economic success and social solidarity," along with considering migration, climate change and the fight against terrorism. Despite the fact that no nation expressed strong support for the project, it could be enough to secure French agreement not to hamper Turkey's membership talks.

EP set spending at ,3 billion euro, 5. EC said it would be the first time ever that the largest share of the budget will go to measures boosting economic growth and regional aid rather than to the EU's costly farm subsidies, with the largest share going to competitiveness. The budget earmarks million euros for planned satellite navigation system Galileo aimed at competing with the GPS.

Agricultural spending, including controversial subsidies for farmers, account for 40 percent. Farm spending will be reviewed inalong with Britain's criticised rebate from Brussels coffers.

Spending on foreign aid and external policy initiatives will grow by The ministers agreed to cut cod quotas by between nine and 18 percent in the North Atlantic, EU's Portuguese presidency said. However, the cod cut is lower than the 25 percent the EC had been seeking initially and falls short of demands from environmentalists alarmed by dwindling stocks.

Greenpeace marine policy expert Saskia Richartz slammed the deal, which she said "continues a three-decade long trend of ministerial incompetence that is dragging Europe's Korge toenaosusega kauplemise strateegiad CD tasuta allalaadimine towards a point of no return.

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The deal also reduces the number of days fisherman Light Trading System Crusaters cast their nets at sea by 10 percent but this only covers cod caught in the Atlantic and so excludes the North Sea. Henri Guaino also suggested France would press for reform of the European Central Bank to give political leaders more control of monetary policy, and warned that France would not cut spending or raise taxes to narrow its public finance deficit.

On the European Central Bank, Guaino said the bank "could not escape its political environment. The bank cannot live its life outside the European political debate, outside public opinion. Inflation risks are clearly oriented higher, Trichet told, and the ECB was ready to counter such pressure, normally by raising interest rates. The ECB's current key interest rate stands at 4. Trichet warned that a greater threat was posed by the possibility that wages would increase, a so-called second round effect, as people were squeezed by higher consumer prices.

Talks are continuing with several African countries such as Ghana, Namibia and Cameroon, which are not LDCs and stand to see exports such as cocoa, tropical fruit, beef, fish and bananas hurt by EU Light Trading System Crusaters from Jan. The Netherlands proposed that non-LDC countries should be granted a few months more for negotiations if they have no deal by then, or that export duties charged from Jan. But Mandelson said such proposals were "totally unrealistic" and would undermine the position of countries which have already signed up in the eyes of domestic lobbies Afp, Serbia "emphatically rejects in advance an unlawful decision on the arrival of an EU mission" and "expects the EU to respect its stance that a EU mission cannot come to its territory, Kosovo, without a new Security Council resolution," he said.

The EU is preparing to deploy a 1,strong police and justice mission to Kosovo.

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Serb rhetoric hardened in the run-up to a Dec. Albanian leaders said they would start talks with US and EU on declaring independence, likely in early Washington regards Kosovo independence as the only option for stability in the Balkans. The EU also seems to be edging to a common position that would allow the bloc to take over supervision of Light Trading System Crusaters province.

Kosovo has been run by the UN since Analysts say the Kosovo issue has paralysed the Serb coalition government and is hurting the country's bid to join the EU, a process already delayed by Belgrade's failure to arrest war crime suspects from the wars of the s.

Sarkozy said a decision on French troop numbers was due in the next few weeks. The supply contract runs from to Norwegian pilots will patrol the air space of the alliance's new members using four F fighters deployed at the Zokniai air base in northern Lithuania. Some 60 members of the Norwegian military will be deployed at the Light Trading System Crusaters, the ministry said.

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This is Norway's second time as head of the security mission which it took over Friday from the Portuguese military. Earlier this year, the three countries asked NATO to extend the air patrol mission until The current patrol agreement runs out next year. Musa Light Trading System Crusaters, in the southern province of Helmand, was the only big town held by the Taliban and Light Trading System Crusaters on symbolic importance after the insurgents seized it in February.

Our troops are now inside the town and the bazaar. Musa Qala also became the major centre for processing heroin in a province that produces nearly half the world's crop of its raw material, opium. Thousands of British and US forces began the offensive, opening the way for Afghan troops to capture the town centre, a milestone operation for the fledgling Afghan National Army and one of the biggest it has so far conducted. De Hoop Scheffer also stressed the importance of a separate naval mission in the region, adding NATO was closely watching whether Japan would resume its participation, halted by domestic political conflict.

NATO has patrolled Kosovo since it bombed Serbia for nearly 3 months in to force the withdrawal of Serb forces accused of atrocities in a war against separatist albanian guerrillas in the province. But he said there Sihtotstarbelised kaubandusstrateegiad "potential flashpoints in the north" of the province, where minority Serbs are concentrated.

Thousands of Iraqi police and troops paraded along the embankment of the country's second-biggest city in the largest show of Iraqi military force since the days of Saddam Hussein. Control of Basra will be the biggest test yet of Iraq's ability to keep the peace without troops from the US or its main ally. With Iraq's second-largest city, only major port and nearly all its oil exports, Basra is far more populous, wealthier and more strategically located than any of the other eight of Iraq's 18 provinces previously Light Trading System Crusaters under formal Light Trading System Crusaters control.

The British commander, Major-General Graham Binns, said Iraqi security forces had "proved that they are capable"…"I came to rid Basra of its enemies but I now formally hand Basra back to its friends," said Binns, who also led the force that captured the city from Saddam Hussein's troops in Pärast pikki spekulatsioone uue presidendikandidaadi suhtes äratas Dmitri Medvedjevi esilekerkimine paljudes uusi lootusi, et Venemaa võib saada endale kevadeks liberaalsete vaadetega demokraatliku juhi.

Teised jällegi jäävad esialgu ettevaatlikult äraootavale seisukohale, seda enam, et Medvedjev on avaldanud soovi näha peaministri kohal Putinit ennast. See tähendaks aga, et tegelikult ei muutu Venemaal peale märtsikuiseid valimisi sisuliselt midagi. Endiselt oli aktuaalne Kosovo küsimust. Briti meedia tähelepanu keskendus lisaks sellele ELi-Aafrika tippkohtumisele Lissabonis, mida kokkuvõttes peeti farsiks. Presidendikandidaadiks esitatud aastast juristi haridusega asepeaministrit Dmitri Medvedjevit tuntakse kui liberaalsete, läänemeelsete vaadetega erudeeritud inimest, kellel puudub KGB-ga seotud minevik.

Samas võlgneb ta tänu oma senise poliitilise karjääri eest Putinile. Seda kinnistab ka Putini enda lubadus, et Medvedjev kindlustab Light Trading System Crusaters saades järjepidevuse.

Juhtkiri, Wall Street Journal, Andreas Umland, Washington Post, Vene kommentaatorid teatasid seepeale kohe, et venelased ihkavad stabiilsust ja Putinit kaugelt enam kui demokraatiat ning nad said selle, mida soovisid. Medvedjev on poliitikas suhteliselt nõrk figuur, kellel puudub iseseisev võimubaas, mistõttu võib eeldada, et Putin jätkab tegeliku võimu kontrollimist ka pärast märtsikuiseid presidendivalimisi.

Optimistlikumalt meelestatud loodavad, et naftatuludega kaasneva jõukuse kõrval on Venemaal siiski säilinud tugev alus, millele saaks rajada tõeliselt demokraatliku riigi, ning et just Medvedjev Light Trading System Crusaters olla õige mees seda tegema. Juhtkiri, New York Times, Enamiku venelaste arvates on see hea, sest nende meelest kuulub Vene riigi taastamise ja majanduskasvu au ainuüksi Putinile, kelle võimuletulekust saadik aastal on tavalise vene kodaniku käsi paremini käinud kui iial varem.

Kaotused demokraatias on rahva silmis olnud RSI 50 strateegia ohverdused stabiilsuse ja arengu nimel. Tegelikult on kõik vastupidi. Venemaa ei tunnista, et Putiniga alanud autokraatiaajastu ei põhjustanud majanduskasvu, vaid pigem pärssis igasuguseid positiivseid arenguid.


Pensionid on küll kõrged ja valitsuse palgad kasvavad, kuid rahvas vaevleb alkoholiprobleemide, sagenevate mõrvade ja kasvava Light Trading System Crusaters käes. Autokraatia on põhjustanud korruptsiooni ja aeglustanud nii kodumaiseid kui ka välisinvesteeringuid. Kui Medvedjev tõepoolest kavatseb presidendina Venemaa majanduskasvu toetada ja riiki pikemas perspektiivis taas üles ehitada, peab ta vabastama Venemaa Putini autokraatsest pärandusest.