In biological systems, where oscillators appear in in a broad variety, very little research on Arnold tongues has been performed. Collective provision and to ensure uninterrupted care.

The synchronized regions appear as Arnold tongues that widen as the coupling between the frequencies increases. Such tongues have been observed in many physical systems, like in the Libchaber convective cell in the basement of the University of Chicago. In biological systems, where oscillators appear in in a broad variety, very little research on Arnold tongues has been performed.

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We discuss single cell oscillating dynamics triggered by an external cytokine signal. When this signal is overlaid by an oscillating variation, the two oscillators might couple leading to Arnold tongue diagram.

Khesin, Boris A Vladimir Arnold, an eminent mathematician of our time, is known both for his mathematical results, which are many and prominent, and for his strong opinions, often expressed in an uncompromising and provoking manner.

When the tongues overlap, the cell dynamics can shift between the tongues eventually leading to a chaotic response. We quantify such switching in single cell experiments and in model systems based on Gillespie simulations. Kadanoff session. The map can exhibit a two-dimensional invariant torus ITwhich corresponds to a three-dimensional torus in vector fields. Numerous one-dimensional invariant closed curves ICCswhich correspond to two-dimensional tori in vector fields, exist in a very complicated but reasonable manner inside an IT-generating region.

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When such vices have been developed as existing ensure sufficiently high standards are put in follow-up provision does not exist, acces- residential facilities are renovated and place and respected. Fromthis will settings like nursing homes or hospitals, but care provided at home by informal carers.

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Some Netherlands, Slovakia are using ture size of rooms and staff ratiosprocess quality accreditation measures, coupled with the mechanisms and assessments in place monitoring systems Cyprus, Germany, Greece, and outcome prevalence of certain medical France, the Netherlands.

Others Germany, conditions. These reveal that in general the Luxembourg employ clinical guidelines based trend is towards an improvement in quality. At the same time, mechanisms. But they are still in the early stages patients.

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This was repeatedly stressed during Sweden: Freedom of choice and in many Member States. All participants Sweden has recently introduced a system the capacity of the long-term care workforce emphasised that respecting the dignity and enabling people to choose where they and the technologies which can help them fundamental rights of the frail and elderly is would like to receive their long-term health in their tasks.

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Evaluating the standard of care a major challenge facing European society. They can select between private pro- people receive is complex. To ensure patients have than institutional setting, and is often based lines, quality standards in long-term care real choice, it is generally agreed they on measurements of satisfaction levels and homes, training of professionals and support must have access to sufficient informa- unmet needs.

They could use a virtual account These include Nursing Care Allowance, combined with external controls according to buy care, employ assistants or pay for in-kind benefits, and other entitlements to nation-wide uniform quality inspection personal services suited to their parti- such as pension contributions, accident guidelines. LTC assurance is guaranteed cular needs. The former oversee the visits, trained carers provide compulsory care quality of care provided in care institutions consultancy, and long-term care insurers and have sanction powers.

Under these are required to hold free care courses for contractual arrangements, purchasers have family members and volunteers. Additional the right to inspect establishments and im- services outpatient facilities such as resi- pose Peter Castle Stock Trading System if they are not satisfied with dential facilities, technical aids etc also aim the conditions.

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Long-term sustainability While recognising the need to find an adequate mix between public and private sources of The long-term sustainability of public expen- finance, there is general agreement that a diture on health care, and on LTC in particular, social insurance or tax-based system is more will come under heavy strain as societies have efficient than one left entirely to private initia- to cope with ageing populations.

However, tives. At the same time, Member States are these pressures could be mitigated if citizens considering a potential mix of public and remain in good health as they grow older.

Balancing protection and opportunity: a strategy for social protection in transition economies

A preventive approach, the integration of The latter sources of finance tend to contain health and long-term care services and use two separate elements. The second keep costs under control. Vaccination and screening Effective promotion of such care, as Member private sector responsibility for LTC. As recognition of the need to ensure a solid programmes, and campaigns to promote States have recognised, requires the exist- long-term financing base for LTC grows, healthy ageing are in place in most EU coun- ence of well trained and qualified staff and Comprehensive public programmes can be several Member States Germany, Luxem- tries.

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While such programmes are an important efficient use of information and communica- financed in the following ways: bourg, Netherlands, Sweden are looking step forward, it is too early to assess their tion technology ICT. Slovakia: Prevention and rehabilitation Municipal authorities in Zavar and Banska possible. In Zavar, social workers propose Bystrica City have introduced projects invol- treatment and care plans, involving ergo ving local stakeholders, residents and part- therapy, psycho-pharmaceutical treatment ners to help the mentally ill and severely and rehabilitation.

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  2. Он забыл о своем происхождении, но это вовсе не означает, что в один прекрасный день он снова не станет опасным.

These are centred on disabled receiving institutional care to live individual needs and enable patients to in as dignified and inclusive a fashion as participate actively in local activities.

This is cient use of resources and the tailored and and social care between different levels especially important given that LTC is usually seamless treatment care some patients may of government devolved and handled by sub-national levels require.

It involves coordination between Under a far reaching reform of the LTC of government Spain, Sweden, United King- national, regional and local authorities and system, care will be provided through Three social protocols have been signed dom. Similar objectives can be achieved services to anticipate and overcome obsta- a wide range of multidisciplinary services: between the Federal Government and through framework contracts, as in Germany, cles that may arise. Problems can stem convalescence units, medium-term reha- the regional and community authorities between LTC insurers and providers.

Two of these, agreed Integration of LTC delivery can be achieved delivery and the many bodies involved in the centres and Peter Castle Stock Trading System for promoting func- inaim to improve working condi- through single entry points or local assess- health and social sectors.

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In particular, of medical care for patients and the United Kingdom. Several countries Belgium, the network created will encourage con- introduction of specific employment Germany, Spain, Finland have made or are in tinuity between community-based care, contracts for LTC staff.

The third protocol the process Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland hospital care for acute patients and social sets out budgetary and organisational of making arrangements to integrate LTC support, complementing primary care arrangements over six years.

Collective provision and to ensure uninterrupted care. Flexibility employment agreements are needed enables the system to be adapted to to put elements of the package into © iStockphoto different needs around the country.

The fact that these are slow in coming has meant that only a small number of residential homes have been converted into facilities with more developed medical care. The test of success in providing a continuum provision of services and better management of care can be measured by the extent to of transfers between care settings the home, which the medical, nursing and social serv- hospital and nursing home.

National author- ices provided fit together for the specific ities are now devoting more attention to needs of individual patients. To achieve this, introducing measures that will make different two elements are important: the coordinated services work more effectively together. This can include information, train- care components: services.

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Attracting the formalisation and financial support. Some Poland, Latvia Estonia together is as efficient as possible.