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Surface Hub Kirjeldus Tired of getting such a small return on your money? We will help you learn how to invest and trade in the stock market.

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In this Share market investing course you will learn valuable tools Follow Vaheta kauplemise strateegiad lessons and you are guaranteed to gain some very important knowledge, and of course to make real money! The course is divided into 3 chapters and each is divided into small easy to read lessons: Chapter 1 — Stock market basics Starting with questions like what is a stock?

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What is a stock market and equity market in general? Chapter 2 — Stock Value and Value Share Analysis Learn how to value stocks, getting to the real value of a stock instead of sharemarket value, how to pick the right stocks.

Known also as Fundamental analysis — this strategy is used by the best investors in the world like Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham Chapter Best Buy Stock Options — Technical Analysis Learn when to buy and when to sell, based on stock charts, patterns, indicators and more.

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This strategy of stock analysis is using the stock data instead of the company data to find the best stocks. Download now!

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