Mõlemale numbrile vastavad mängijad võitsid fikseeritud auhinna 3 dollarit. Kõige uuemad lojaalsusturundusprogrammid tuginevad viirusliku turustamise tehnikatele, et levitada suusõnaliselt ergutus- ja meeldetuletusprogramme. Hambaarstide nõukogu väitis lisaks, et selle monopolidevastase immuniteedi keelamine kaotaks hambaarstide peamise stiimuli juhatuses töötamiseks.

The reversals have come quickly, and the moves back up have been without pause. Why is it that we have been defying the TA playbook? I believe there are two reasons. Foremost, there has been a huge supply of underinvested bulls waiting to put their cash to work.

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They have been skeptical about this rally and have held back their cash, waiting for entry points. They have been given few chances to put money to work, so they have tended to pounce on the dips aggressively when they have occurred. The bulls who were still hesitating would then panic and help move us straight up.

The second reason for these quick recoveries is the presence of the serial shorters. The hardcore bears who have been convinced that this rally is doomed have tried to press each time we have dipped. When we start to bounce, they have helped fuel the move as they are squeezed out of their positions. Are those dynamics still at work? Probably, but we have to wonder if the underinvested bulls are finally sated to some extent after all those months.

Certainly there are many who have still failed to fully embrace this rally, but we have been running so strongly for so long now that the likelihood is that even the conservative bulls have put some cash to work Phillies Trading Options have less buying power available. Ultimately, Broker CFD MT. is some sort of strategy or style that has the right logic for the current market conditions.

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The current market environment has been particularly challenging because there aren't many styles or approaches that have been effective lately. What has worked best is day trading the headlines out of Europe.

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When indices are soft, you start anticipating some sort of positive news that will suddenly spike and can squeeze the shorts, and when we are up you start looking for some negative catalyst to kick in just as buyers are becoming comfortable again. The action has been up and down like that for about two-and-a-half months. What is most frustrating for most market players is that it has been a waste of time to consider individual charts or fundamentals.

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Kapitatsiooni all on stiimul arvestada ravikuludega. Employees used slowdown in Octoberto press a revision to their incentive-linked pay. Töötajad kasutasid aeglustumist Copy Report an error Proposition 16 critics argue that racial preferences foster a sense of victimization in their intended beneficiaries, and erode their incentive to excel.

Ettepaneku 16 kriitikud väidavad, et rassilised eelistused suurendavad nende kavandatud kasusaajates ohvrimeelsuse tunnet ja vähendavad nende stiimulit suurepäraseks saada. Copy Report an error Another study that contradicted such a decline in work incentive was a pilot project implemented in and in the Namibian village of Omitara.

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Teine uuring, mis oli vastuolus sellise töösoodustuse vähenemisega, oli Copy Report an error Seymour Drescher and Robert Anstey argue the slave trade remained profitable until the end, because of innovations in agriculture, and that moralistic reform, not economic incentive, was primarily responsible for abolition. Seymour Drescher ja Robert Anstey väidavad, et orjakaubandus oli kuni põllumajanduse uuenduste tõttu kasumlik kuni lõpuni ning kaotamine oli peamiselt vastutav moralistliku reformi, mitte majanduslike stiimulite eest.

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Another important class of options, particularly in the U. Teine oluline optsiooniklass, eriti USA-s, on töötajate aktsiaoptsioonid, mida ettevõte annab oma töötajatele ergutushüvitise vormis. As an amplifier's power output strongly influences its price, there is an incentive for manufacturers to exaggerate output power specs to increase sales. Kuna võimendi väljundvõimsus mõjutab tugevalt selle hinda, on tootjatel stiimul müügi suurendamiseks väljundvõimsuse näitajatega liialdada.

Tarbija- ja varahaldus hõlmab juhtimis- ja muid tasusid, ergutustasusid ning ettevõtte varahaldusettevõtlusega seotud hoiuste vastuvõtmise tulemuste eest.

A cashback reward program is an incentive program operated by credit card companies where a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to the card holder. Raha tagasi saamise preemiaprogramm on krediitkaardiettevõtete hallatav ergutusprogramm, kus protsent kulutatud summast makstakse kaardi omanikule tagasi.

Five divided by three equals one and a remainder of two. Viis jagatud kolmega võrdub ühe ja ülejäänud kahega. Copy Report an error He stuffed the remainder of the chocolate-covered cotton ball into his shirt pocket and edged his way back gingerly along the branch to the smooth gray trunk.

Ta toppis ülejäänud šokolaadiga kaetud puuvillase palli oma särgitaskusse ja suunas tee tagasi oksa pidi sileda halli pagasiruumi.

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We presume that you will pay the remainder in monthly instalments. Eeldame, et maksate ülejäänud summa igakuiste osamaksetena. Amat'igan will guide your ship for the remainder of the voyage. Amat'igan juhatab teie laeva ülejäänud reisi jooksul. Lynne, all you have to do now is keep your eyes and ears open for the remainder of your contract with the prince.

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Lynne, kõik, mida peate nüüd tegema, on hoida oma printsiga sõlmitud lepingu lõpuni silmad ja kõrvad lahti. Sellegipoolest on enne hommikut järelejäänud leib põrandale maha kantud. Sami will spend the remainder of his life in jail. Sami veedab ülejäänud elu vanglas. Spain's severe financial difficulties began in the middle 16th century, and would continue for the remainder of Habsburg rule.

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Hispaania rasked rahalised raskused algasid Puerto Rico experiences the Atlantic hurricane season, similar to the remainder of the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic oceans. Puerto Rico kogeb Atlandi ookeani orkaanide hooaega sarnaselt ülejäänud Kariibi mere ja Atlandi ookeani põhjaosa ookeanidele.

The remainder of the hermit's story is attributed to one Humfrid, a former canon who was still well-remembered in Thomas Muskam's time. Ülejäänud osa erakloost on omistatud ühele Humfridile, endisele kaanonile, kes oli Thomas Muskami ajal veel hästi meeles.

The letters patent that created the Dukedom of Hamilton contained a special remainder. Hamiltoni hertsogiriigi loonud patendikirjad sisaldasid spetsiaalset ülejääki.

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The remainder of this section discusses jurisdiction-specific variants, arranged chronologically. Selle osa ülejäänud osas käsitletakse krimoloogiliselt järjestatud jurisdiktsioonispetsiifilisi variante. Copy Report an error Griffin sat out for the remainder of the season after sustaining an isolated tear to his ACL in the first half of the third game, his third start of his sophomore year.